Our unconference schedule!

(Note: We will intentionally leave many of the 10 spots blank to accommodate great ideas from our participants!)

Person Topic(s)
BJ Neary: Professional Development opportunities - online and more!
Brenda Boyer
Patty McClune - Building of Community Readers OR Destiny Users' Group
Peggy Mourer - Collaborating with your public library
Allison Burrell: Solo Librarians
Janice Conger: Digital Storytelling or Future of Library Space
Bekci Kelly: libraries role in online learning
Doug Alichwer: Building a PLN
Ray Barber: Bullying
Ann Schmidt - HS best practices

Possible Topics for Conversation:

  • Digital storytelling
  • infotention/Howard Rheingold
  • alternate shelving schemes
  • flipping the library
  • curation
  • CCSS
  • Getting them college ready
  • elementary roundtable/networking
  • middle school roundtable/networking
  • high school roundtable/networking
  • cyber safety
  • transparency
  • facilitating connections around the globe
  • What we might do with the data from the PA study (Deb)
  • Bringing traditional tried and true strategies into the world of technology
  • Guiding students towards making responsible decisions while using technology
  • Deepening learning versus enjoying technology’s bells and whistles
  • backchanneling in the classroom